Where’s the bill?

Here’s an article on Bloomberg & McCarthy’s latest PSH over the Senate vote to allow guns to be transported by Amtrak passengers:

“… Speaking to the notion that having guns on trains may prevent deaths and injuries if an attack occurred, because they would help the passengers defend themselves, Congresswoman McCarthy replied that having more guns on the train would only result in more, not less damage …”

Yes, but nobody cares if some thug or terrorist gets shot during the commission of an act of violence.

While I’m reading it, it occurred to me that McCarthy has not introduced a new version of AWB.  I find that a bit odd.  This is her biggest issue and 9 months into the new Congress and she hasn’t done anything about it.

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3 thoughts on “Where’s the bill?

  1. Unloaded guns, in checked luggage, in locked baggage compartments, make no practical difference whatsoever, except to the law-abiding, private gun owner who merely needs to get from point A to point B, but banning them is politically useful to those who seek to gain political points by ignorantly bashing all private gun owners.
    Bloomberg claims that he’s only against illegal guns, but he then vigorously opposes the safe transportation of perfectly legal guns. The man is an outlandish fraud with zero credibility on the gun issue. I’m surprised that he’s not riding around with crystal chandeliers on his limo yet, though that may be merely a matter of time. Daft, old men don’t tend to improve with age. I expect his antics to be increasingly amusing, though the MAIGsters who remain along for the ride may not find them to be so amusing.

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