Cuomo preps antigun ad campaign

The NY Post reports:

Gov. Cuomo is expected to unleash a $10 million package of TV attack ads designed to “define’’ his newly announced Republican challenger, Rob Astorino, as a “right-wing nut,” … The negative commercials will be primarily aimed at convincing independent and moderate voters, especially women, that Astorino holds what Cuomo has already branded as “extreme conservative’’ views on … gun-ownership rights … Longtime Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf said he expected Cuomo to unleash a series of costly harsh attacks — with a price tag of “about $10 million.” …”

Bring it on.  Cuomo blew $400,000 last year on a series of ads last spring through his “New Yorkers for Gun Safety” PAC trying to convince people the SAFE Act is a good thing.  Then he directed the state Democrat committee to spend probably over $1 million in a series of five full color flyers attacking Ed Manago for not support SAFE during last years Nassau County Executives race which Mangano ended up winning by 20 points. In addition, Astorino’s opponent last year Noam Bramsom spent heavy on antigun ads (1,2) and all that got him was a 10 point loss in the general election.

56 thoughts on “Cuomo preps antigun ad campaign

  1. “John DiGaetano Said:
    As bad as Cuomo is to the freedom of the residents of NY state there are enough down state voters to put him back into office.”

    NYC has a population of 8 million, only a million came out to vote in the mayoral election 700,000 voted for socialist bill de balsio aka warren wilhelm which is an incredibly low voter turn out, if Astorino plays his cards right, were looking at new Governor come this fall. The fact of the matter is people need to get out and VOTE!!

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