Trump making noise

Donald Trump continues to make noise about running for Governor.  I still don’t see him doing it, especially now that Rob Astorino has declared.  Nevertheless, he continues to make the rounds and was in Syracuse yesterday at a GOP function where he spoke on a number of issues including the SAFE Act:

“… You have the SAFE Act, which is a total catastrophe.  It’s hard to believe it even got passed.  Look, you’re sitting at home and a bad guy walks in with a gun.  At least you want to have a shot at it, right?  You don’t want to be defenseless … But this SAFE Act is a disaster.  Whoever ultimately is going to be the nominee for the Republicans, they better bring it up very loud and clear because that act is a catastrophe.  I call it the unSAFE Act …”

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15 thoughts on “Trump making noise

  1. You known they keep talking about the self defense thing. Id say in reality 99.9% of the guns are owned for for either target shooting, competition, collecting or hunting. I known hundreds of gun owners that never have shot anybody. People watch to much tv.

  2. In all actuality….I think Donald Trump is one of the only ones that could beat Cuomo in the election! He’s a great businessman, and would bring jobs back to the state; AND I believe he would repeal the NY ‘Safe Act.’

  3. Trump isn’t going to run for governor and I really don’t want him to. We don’t need more folks from out-of-touch lands to take care of real issues facing NY State.

  4. Guy… You don’t NEED a gun for self defense until you DO. At that point it’s too late to drive to the store, pick one out, purchase it, get it onto a permit if your state requires that, drive to the range to practice, and them drive home to defend ourself against the armed assailant. So yeah, we buy them for self defense in hopes we never need to use it, and for the fact that when criminals know someone might be armed, they are less likely to prey upon them.

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