Dead On Arrival

Following on the heals of Schneiderman’s gun bust, Charles Schumer will be reintroducing Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to ban the private transfer of firearms in the Senate via his butt monkey Kirsten Gillibrand.  The Capital reports:

“… Schumer made guns a defining issue of his tenure in the House, but, as he’s ascended the Senate leadership, and gun control has disappeared from the agenda of the national party, the senior senator has mostly ceded the issue to Gillibrand …”

Yeah and there’s a reason for him doing that:  Schumer knows the issue is bad for Democrats.  He does not want to give the public the impression the Democrat party is pushing for gun control.  If he were serious about this bill, he would intro the bill himself.  All the major bills in Albany are sponsored by legislative leaders, not the rank and file.

“… The last time Gillibrand introduced the bill, it garnered only two co-sponsors—Schumer and New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg—before stalling in committee. …”

Which it will likely do again and Schumer knows it.  This dog and pony show is nothing more than an attempt to delay passage of H.R. 822 in the Senate.

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