We deserve better candidates

While Obama has certainly lowered the bar for presidential contenders, we really deserve better quality candidates than this:

President Trump?

“… The real estate tycoon with the comb-over hairdo and in-your-face attitude plans to decide by June whether to join the field of GOP contenders competing in 2012 to make the Democratic incumbent a one-term president …”

I think this is a PR stunt.  There seems to be a fad among the very wealthy to try running for high office.  Unfortunately, being successful in business does not mean a person can be successful in politics or even that they understand the methodology of our political system.  Trump has not demonstrated he has the skills to hold the highest office in the land.  If he were serious, he could run for Congress or Senate next year, prove he has the skills to operate in a political environment and run for president in ’16 or ’20.  He would have a lot more creditability then.  However, neither of those offices would put him on the national stage and he would have to compete with lots of others for media attention in the interim.  I don’t believe he wants that.

Ron Paul Signals He’s Running for President.

“… Ron Paul is officially considering running for president. Last night, after several media outlets confirmed that Paul would announce an exploratory committee, the candidate relayed the news himself to Fox News Channel …”

He’s even more ridiculous than Trump.  While his limited government philosophy sounds good, he’s demonstrated an inability to implement his ideas during his time in Congress.  Worse, he attracts the libertarian party which is full of crackpots who are not the least bit interested in actually electing people to public office.  Ideas mean nothing without a will and way to implement them.  Paul and his strongest supporters have shown over an extended period of time they are not serious about putting their ideas into practice.

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