Buffalo News pushing Cuomo

The Buffalo News has an editorial today lauding Gov. Cuomo on his budget an encouraging him to keep gun control on his radar:

“… There is more for the governor to attend to: mandate relief; consolidations of agencies and localities; pension cost controls; gay marriage; gun laws; and more. All are important and all should remain on his agenda …”

Other than mentioning his support for microstamping in his campaign agenda, he’s been quiet on the issue.  I still believe Eric Schneiderman is going to be the pointman on the issue, possibility with help from Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy lending his background credentials in law enforcement.

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2 thoughts on “Buffalo News pushing Cuomo

  1. Typical Buffalo Snooze drivel. The editorial board of this ultra-liberal daily rag has never found a social program that it didn’t like. The editors love the taste of that lib leche so much that they can’t bring themselves to back off Albany’s teat. Maggie Sullivan and her minions love to tell us how we should be living. She also loves to parrot the talking-points of the left like they were some sort of enlightened intellectual property that only her and the left are capable of fully understanding.

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