Philipstown follies

The Philipstown Board has their next meeting scheduled for this Thursday where their proposed ordinance prohibiting guns on town property may come up.  The issue has gotten much attention from area gunnies, more than I originally expected,  including people from Garrison Fish & Game and Putnam Fish & Game.

Local politicians are getting in on the act too.  Greg Ball mailed out a district wide flyer announcing a rally will be held outside Town Hall prior to Thursdays scheduled meeting.  This was picked up by ILA and redistributed to their e-mail list last week.  Yesterday Putnam Co. Exec. candidate MaryEllen Odell sent out a press release denouncing the proposal and saying she will be there Thursday. covers the issue, “Gun Rights Rally Planned.”  Supervisor Shea seems to be backpedaling on the issue.  He is up for re-election this fall and probably realizes this is going to hurt his campaign.