Media dinosaurs

According to CBS News, “Poll: Americans Remain Split on Gun Control“:

“… Americans remain split on the issue of gun control, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.  The survey finds that Americans have moved slightly in favor of stricter laws in light of the incident … The poll finds that 46 percent of Americans think gun laws should be made stricter, while 38 percent want them to stay the same. Thirteen percent said they thought gun control laws should be made less strict … Even those who live in gun-owning households favor a ban on assault weapon … 54 percent of those Americans favor a ban on assault weapons … The survey also indicates that nearly two in three Americans favor a ban on high capacity clips …”

If this were true, then why does The Politico report, “Barack Obama’s conspicuous silence on guns“?

“Gun control is a perilous issue for President Barack Obama so the push for new restrictions following the shootings in Tucson, Ariz., puts the president in an especially tricky political predicament … he talks about the issue using muted, nonconfrontational tones engineered to avoid alienating gun-friendly voters, a huge proportion of the electorate that has steadily drifted away from Obama … White House officials have remained noncommittal about an effort by liberals in the House and Senate to restrict access to the kind of high-capacity ammunition magazines … When asked whether Obama will take up the issue of guns at next Tuesday’s State of the Union speech — White House officials said they know of no current plans to include the issue in his address …”

How can guns be a perilous political issue if more Americans have moved in favor of more gun control?

This just goes to show out out of touch media dinosaurs like CBS and the New York Times are with the average citizen.  Technology has broken their monopoly on disseminating news and information making it easy for the public to see through B.S. like this.  They can’t get away with lying and shilling for the antis like they did back in ’94 with the Clinton AWB.

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