Plan B sucks

Some advice from the NYPD on how to deal with active shooters courtesy of the NY Post:

“… “During an actual event, the NYPD recommends avoiding the shooter and evacuating immediately,” said Capt. Michael Riggio of the department’s Counterterrorism Bureau …”

Understandable.  Nobody really wants to get involved in a violent confrontation, especially if they don’t have all the facts about the situation.

“… Hiding behind a file cabinet is probably the best “Plan B” — and the Police Department proved it by shooting up different kinds of office furniture …”

Your tax dollars at work.

“…  “If no other option is available, and you are confronted with the gunman, we recommend trying to confront him with physical force as quickly and as aggressively as possible,” Riggio said.  “Consider using pens, staples, chair legs, anything you can get your hands on, as an improvised weapon.” …”

Improvised weapons?  If ever in a SHTF scenario which would you rather have immediately available:

  1. Quality office furniture
  2. A Swingline Collectors Edition 747 Rio Red Business Stapler
  3. A firearm

They can’t even bring themselves to mention guns as an option.  That’s pathetic.

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5 thoughts on “Plan B sucks

  1. No plan to defend yourself against terrorists with office supplies would be complete without instruction in the use of loose leaf page reinforcement circles.

    When thrown wildly into the air they simulate anti aircraft “chaf.”
    Confuses the shit out of bad guys.

  2. “They can’t even bring themselves to mention guns as an option. That’s pathetic.”

    Seeing as they work for a tyrant like Bloomberg, I’d call it “job security” and “pathetic” too.

  3. So can plan C be amended to a firearm and Chuck Norris from Delta Force?

    I don’t mind being armed with more than a red Swingline (till somebody steals it….) but I’d sure like some backup too!

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