Get involved

City & State reports:

“Thursday, the Brooklyn Democratic Party will hold its official judicial convention to determine which candidates should receive the party’s all-important endorsement for Supreme Court judge. There are 16 people competing to become judges on the Supreme Court – which despite the name is the state’s main trial court, hearing criminal cases involving felony charges and civil cases where more than $25,000 is at stake – but only six vacancies on the court to fill … The real decision-making happened Tuesday night in the back room of Nick’s Lobster House in Marine Park, where the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s executive committee – a group of 44 unpaid district leaders, two for each of the borough’s 22 Assembly districts – got together and held an informal vote to decide which six candidates should receive the nomination …”

This is the reality of politics and why 2A advocates need to be involved with their local Republican and Democrat party: Go to their events and fundraisers, be a part of the candidate selection and election process.

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