Ithaca thinking of mandatory firearms storage law

The Ithaca Times reports:

“In response to the increasing threat of gun crimes both locally and throughout the country, Alderperson Robert Cantelmo has proposed legislation that would provide directions for gun-owners regarding how to safely store their firearms. If approved, failure to follow the guidelines would result in fine and potential for civil legal action if the unsecured firearm is used to harm another person or commit a crime … A violation of the proposal is punishable by a civil fine of $500 for the first offense, and the fine would increase to $1,000 for additional violations in a one-year period … Alderperson Kris Haines-Sharp asked Acting Chief of Police Ted Schwartz about who would be responsible for enforcing the proposal, and if IPD has the resources to enforce it. Acting Chief Schwartz responded saying, “We honestly cannot proactively enforce this.” He added that the proposal would make a violation a city code violation that would “essentially be the same seriousness as jaywalking or riding your bike on the sidewalk.” … Even though enforcement of the proposal seems to be difficult, Cantelmo said that approving it would “create a standard of compliance for what the safe storage of firearms are in the city.” He continued saying, “I think setting the standard of what it means to be a responsible gun owner in the city is not beyond the reasonable scope of what we should be considering.” … Following the debate surrounding the proposal, Cantelmo offered to table the proposal and invite representatives from communities that have approved similar gun safety proposals to further discuss how similar proposals have worked in their communities …”

Notice that Cantelmo isn’t really interested in solving a problem.  This appears to me to be nothing more than a public relations campaign stunt. He is running for Mayor this fall and “public safety reforms” is one of his main issues.

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