Pothole Al delivers for NSSF

Back in the spring I reported that the NSSF hired Park Strategies to represent them in Albany.  I stated, “[NSSF] would get more action by dumping a bag of money off the balcony into the Well of the LOB than having Park Strategies on retainer.”

Now that the legislature is in recess and paperwork has been filed with JCOPE, what exactly did Pothole Al deliver to NSSF?

According to the reports file during the May/June period Park lobbied Senators Brian Kavanaugh and George Amedore on bill S-6151.  That’s it for the entire session.  Park charged $6000 per month plus expenses for just this.  Contrast that to the scores of people Everytown contacted in both chambers plus the executive branch on the same bill.

Park’s semi-annual report also says they sent a “Communication to the entire legislature” on bills A-763, A-1251, A-2690, S-1414, S-2277 and S-2374.  That’s a fancy way of saying they sent a letter in the mail or by courier.  Legislators get tons of crap like that.  It’s not the same as having a face-to-face sit down.  Those aren’t hard to get, just call the office and make an appointment.  I know as I’ve done it before.  Meanwhile Everytown and NYAGV were busy meeting with the actual electeds and promoting other gun control bills as well.  If someone were paying me $6K+ per month I’d go around to each office and not try phoning it in.

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