NSSF thinks Pothole Al is golden

The Post reports:

“While Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers debate a litany of issues before the Albany session adjourns on June 19, former GOP US Sen.-turned-powerhouse lobbyist Al D’Amato is co-chairing a “Long Island cocktail reception” fundraiser in Great Neck Sunday for the governor, The Post has learned. And he has also hit up his roster of 90 clients to kick in to Cuomo’s campaign kitty. “I’m doing something with a group of people for Gov. Cuomo, I will be a participant,” D’Amato told The Post …”

One of those 90 clients Park Strategies represents is the NSSF.

Years ago a former contract lobbyist convinced NSSF that their problems in New York stemmed from the fact that the legislature wasn’t hearing enough bullshit from NRA/NSSF and that they ought to hire a Albany-based PR firm to do it full time.  NSSF then retained Capitol Group and from 2011-18 threw hundreds of thousands of dollars at them.  Of course, they got nothing good from the legislature in return because PR isn’t the problem.

So starting this year NSSF switched to Park Strategies paying them $6000/month plus expenses, apparently thinking that having one of the sleaziest political figures in the state tell their bullshit to the legislature is going to pay off.  It will, for Al, when he cashes their monthly checks.  As for the firearms industry, they would get more action by dumping a bag of money off the balcony into the Well of the LOB than having Park Strategies on retainer.

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