Knock Lentol out in Democrat primary

Politico reports, “Lentol gets first primary challenge in a decade“:

“Activist and community board member Emily Gallagher will launch a campaign against Assemblyman Joe Lentol on Monday, giving the Brooklyn Democrat his first primary challenge in a decade … As the longtime chairman of the powerful Codes Committee, he’s often praised by liberal lawmakers for his work on issues like raising the age of criminal responsibility …”

Not to mention gun control.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in the district better than 10 to 1 so he is totally safe in the general election.  The only way to knock Lentol out is in a Democrat primary where turnout will be low, maybe 10-15%.

Gallagher’s position on 2A is irrelevant: When in doubt throw the incumbent out.  NRA has members in the district and there is no reason they cannot participate in this process.

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