Gun Shop Gaylor

Newsday reports:

“The Nassau Democratic Committee has launched “Gun Shop Gaylor,” a website criticizing Legis. C. William Gaylor III (R-Lynbrook) for past legal work on behalf of a proposed “gun spa” — though he has decried the page as “sleazy politics.” … The website states: “So then why did Bill Gaylor support bringing a gun shop and shooting range to Lynbrook? To add insult to injury, not only did he support bringing guns into our community, he was even paid for this dangerous attempt.” …”

This is part of a much broader effort (especially on Long Island) to intimidate, shame and silence gun owners by implying the mere presence of guns increases violence and crime.  The only alleged impropriety is that Gaylor did legal work for a business which wanted to sell firearms.

“… Gaylor said about three or four years ago, he represented a client looking to build a gun store and shooting range in Lynbrook. Gaylor said he helped the client in seeking zoning variance from the village. But the project, “never went forward, and the people didn’t buy the building that they were in contract for,” he said. In 2016, Queens security company ISS Action Inc. withdrew an application to the Lynbrook Village Board to build a “gun spa” — a combination shooting range and beauty parlor …”

That was probably for the best.

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