Cuomo’s new proposal

Governor Cuomo has called for a new bill allowing teachers to petition the courts to remove guns from the homes of students. This is an expanded version of the idea behind S-7133A which was Reported two weeks ago.

Here is video of the Governor making this announcement:

What is odd is his drafting of a new bill this late in the session. I know he’s doing it now because he is worried about Cynthia Nixon’s campaign damaging his future Presidential aspirations. However, he could simply beat on the Republicans to get them to bring up S-7133A which would allow him to claim victory. That is all he really cares about, not enacting substantive legislation.

5 Responses to “Cuomo’s new proposal”

  1. Mark-1 Says:

    You think Cuomo thought this out? Is “A” teacher or “Teachers” making this decision to invade a home and to redline a constitutional, civil right?

  2. admin Says:

    He wants support from the teachers unions for the primary and they probably have not forgiven him for the 2% tax cap. This suck up does that without $$$

  3. Mark-1 Says:

    God help us All!!!

    In working Court, I seeSocial Workers and then Teachers are the first ones to get passed over for jury duty.

    When I asked attorneys why that was the reply was these two groups have very strange notions.

  4. Em Says:

    The police state is here if you are a gun person. One of these Marxist teachers, your wife, your kid, a co-worker, anybody gets pissed at you and your done. With no due process…. WE HVE NO RIGHTS. And notice, there is nobody at that freak show who disagrees with him (Cuomo the head freak. fucking mutant…). And the courts will uphold it. “Compelling public safety interest burdens your rights….”

  5. Em Says:

    The other joke in this is his proclamation of the success of the “safe act” and that nobody’s guns were taken away. And then his very next breath is to go on about how this will enable more guns to be taken away from more people. It is deteriorating…

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