Possible set up

The state legislative session is scheduled to end on June 21. This is usually the time when the really stupid shit starts happening. I am growing concerned that some antigun legislation is going to come up in Albany possibly as soon as Monday, in particular S-7133A. A few signs point to something brewing.

First, the annual Wear Orange day is this Saturday. Second, several City legislators are holding gun control activities today and over the weekend. Third, and most seriously, the Governor has started a petition for a new federal AWB. I am not concerned about that happening, but about him bringing up the topic in general. This isn’t a coincidence, all this is co-ordinated.

Now would be a good time for people to start contacting their state legislators and tell them no more gun control.

2 Responses to “Possible set up”

  1. Chas Says:

    The Seekers really defined where we want to be, and they did that back in 1965:

    They did way more than that, including the big hit, “Georgy Girl”, as well as the impressive, “I’ll Never Find Another You”.
    Trump rules!

  2. Capital District SCOPE Says:

    I agree with your hypothesis. Something smells fishy. Thank you for posting this. Great site.

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