When you follow the money

The Miami Herald reports:

“Starting Wednesday, some Parkland families are raising money for a campaign to push the National Rifle Association out of politics … Following the lead of their children, parents from the community … have joined together to form Families vs Assault Rifles, a nonprofit and political action committee founded to be a counterweight to the NRA. Jeff Kasky, the father of March For Our Lives’ student activist Cameron Kasky, says the group is quickly gaining support and has already received commitments from “financial backers” willing to match grassroots donations … Amy Harwood, a Boca Raton parent and friend of Kasky’s, said the PAC is nonpartisan and won’t be supporting candidates … Harwood helped establish the committee when she helped introduce Kasky to Matt Gohd, a political strategist with Tipping Point Analytics. Kasky said Gohd is running point for the parents’ Super PAC, but said most of the people involved in the efforts, including a number of families from Parkland, are helping out as volunteers …”

There is absolutely no way this is a legitimate grassroots effort.  None.  This stinks.

Who is this Gohd guy?

David Hogg and Cameron Kasky — survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting — were all over New York this week, and the teenagers will stay in the national spotlight for years to come. The boys made a surprise appearance at a West 72nd Street book party on Monday night. They joined author Rick Allen to launch “RFK: His Words for Our Times,” a collection of Robert F. Kennedy’s speeches, at the penthouse of Matt Gohd, of Tipping Point Analytics …”

He has a NYC penthouse.

“… Gohd apologized to RFK’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy, because he wouldn’t be able to host a party for her book, “Ripples of Hope,” …”

And he’s tight with the degenerate Kennedy family.

I knew it.  This is just more of the same repackaged antigun astoturf.

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  1. Cathy Butler Says:

    We are near Parkland School, and the general perception is he is only liked for the PR he can produce for others. Today it was released by Local Paper SunSentinel who consistently post about the movement regardless of what the community feels, (negative) over the so called movement. It was stated that :[ ]Months before the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School, a retired Secret Service agent warned administrators that the school could be vulnerable to a gunman.

    Gates were unlocked. Students did not wear identification badges. A fire alarm could send students streaming into the halls. Active-shooter drills were inadequate, he said.
    Secret Service agent had warned Stoneman Douglas about security failures
    The retired agent, Steve Wexler, said he made his point by strolling through the school with Post-it notes, attaching them to places his bullets or knife would land if he were an intruder. No one stopped him, he said.

    In an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Wexler said he was invited to analyze the school’s security and presented his recommendations to four staff members.

    “I said, ‘This stuff is blatantly obvious. You’ve got to fix this,’” Wexler said.

    “It didn’t have to happen. Those kids didn’t have to die.”

    He never heard another word from the district, he said.

    Source: SunSentinel, 6/8/2018
    Lisa J. Huriash
    Here they clearly have identified what actually killed the children and it was not Americans nor their guns who were no where near the facility and are now expected to pay the price instead because David Hoggs and his group want to be famous at all costs.

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