Cuomo v. Reed, Tenney

Gov. Cuomo tries to exploit atrocity for political gain:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week ripped Congress and the White House for their inaction on gun-control measures, touting New York’s SAFE Act as a “sensible” policy that should serve as a model for action … “I believe when they write the history books, they’re going to say, ‘New York got it right,'” Cuomo said. “And the Congress, there was overwhelming cowardice, and apathy, not to take on the issue because of political reprisal, in the face of total common sense.” …”

Rep. Tom Reed called him on it:

“… “It is disappointing that Andrew Cuomo would politicize the tragedy in Las Vegas to promote himself and blame Republicans,” Reed, a Corning Republican, said in a statement issued by his campaign. “After this horrific event it’s time to come together as Americans to support one another. As authorities work to determine a motive for the heinous crime, we should follow the example of the Las Vegas community and unify around the victims, first responders, and their families.” …”

Rep. Claudia Tenney also called B.S. on antigun exploitation efforts:

“… Tenney said the shooting was not an example of the need for more restrictive gun laws. “Tragically, the man who committed this mass murder was evil and no law or regulation would have stopped him from carrying out this heinous and evil act,” she said. “I reject efforts to exploit the actions of one evil or deranged person to restrict the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners.” …”

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