ECDC Chair brings up SAFE

State of Politics reports:

“… The chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee has questioned why Assemblyman Mickey Kearns’s name appeared on the invitation to a Thursday night fundraiser for the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee … Democratic members of the Western New York delegation co-hosted the event – including Kearns …”

My guess would be because Kearns is a life-long registered Democrat who ran as a Democrat for Assembly.

“… ECDC Chairman Jeremy Zellner said that raises a conflict, because Kearns is currently running on the Republican ticket for Erie County Clerk, and is also in a primary for the Conservative line. “Whose side is Mickey on?” Zellner asked. “The Assembly Democrats are champions of … the SAFE Act … I hardly think Republicans and Conservatives feel that way. Where does Mickey truly stand on these issues?” …”

Given that Kearns voted against SAFE I think his position on that issue is quite clear.

It is also clear that Zellner does not like him and is trying to use gun control as a way to score cheap political points against Kearns.  I do not see it having much of an effect.

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