Locals already knew that

Kathleen Rice has a long history of contempt for gun owners rights going back to her time as Nassau County District Attorney. She’s continued on with this in Congress.

Thanks to this Tweet, the rest of the country knows about her as well.

NRA responded with an effort using the #RemoveRice hashtag to get her booted from the Homeland Security Committee. I doubt that will work and it sure won’t stop her from continuing her campaign against gun rights in the future.

If NRA really wants to make a statement they should dump money on whomever her opponent is next year regardless of their position on guns because Tweetstorms won’t cut it.

4 Responses to “Locals already knew that”

  1. Em Says:

    This woman is a fucking menace. When she was NC DA she ran a campaign of malicious prosecution and intimidation against all NC gun dealers. She literally persecuted them. It is a fucking shame where this country has ended up. Joe McCarthy tried to save us from this red menace back in the 50s. Trump is trying now. They destroyed McCarthy, and they will unfortunately destroy President Trump.

  2. admin Says:

  3. Em Says:

    OHH, way more!! My family were holocaust survivors, and I see what is happening on college campuses with “antifa” who are themselves, facists. Reminiscent of Nazi thugs who replaced debate with violence. Its now the 1st amendment, the second, the 4th, politically motivated malicious prosecution of THE PRESIDENT with no probable cause, an absolutely corrupt media, judges who overrule the rule of law……….

  4. Em Says:

    Lets also be clear. Pres. Trump spot on. 2 hate groups in NC.

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