SAFE didn’t work

A disgruntled former employee shot and killed one person and wounded six more at a Bronx hospital yesterday.

Local Moms issued this statement:

“… While we do not yet know much about the man who committed this crime or how he got his gun, it’s clear that we must do more to keep guns out of the hands of people with dangerous intentions …”

Media reports indicate a AR-15 was used, which may have been modified to be SAFE Act compliant.

Does this mean that MDA is admitting Governor Cuomo’s signature law does not work as advertised? Cuomo himself has so far been silent about it as has Mayor de Blasio.

3 Responses to “SAFE didn’t work”

  1. Steve Says:

    What I find interesting is that it happened in a NYC of all places. The place has even more gun control laws and those laws failed them. I am surprised they have not started harping on more controls, especially from Princess Lea from NYAGV.

    Cuomo already has enough issues as the MTA problems for NYC subways are making petiole blame him, his circle of friends being indicted and Many people are not happy about him renaming the bridge.

    Lastly since this was a doctor, a man of color and probably a liberal, I don’t see much in the news about this including Facebook. It’s almost as if they want it to go away quickly p, like it never existed.

    Your thoughts Jacob?

  2. admin Says:

    I agree the media/politcos want this to go away as the shooter doesn’t match the angry white guy profile.

    It was suggested to me that the shooter might be in the country illegally as well, since he was not working in the hospital his green card might have expired.

  3. Em Says:

    Safe did work. Many more would have died if there was a bayonet lug…..
    Also, notice that SCOTUS ruled on the travel ban but the Bolsheviks are going back to lower courts. How? Why? That’s because it has come down to the scumbags know that the lower courts WILL DEFY SCOTUS, just as they have been doing w us since 08. There should never have even been a need to go back a second time for McDonald. It has become the norm.

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