Even more self-inflicted damage

The antis are doing even more damage to themselves:

“Top New York officials demanded Sunday that the federal government share classified watch-list information on suspected terrorists so the state can block such people from buying guns legally.  Sen. Charles Schumer and Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that keeping the information secret creates a dangerous “terror gap.” …”

No, what it does is deprive people of their rights without due process.  It is so bad that even antigun leftists oppose it including the ACLU and a host of others.

It is easy to understand why Cuomo is talking this up now. It diverts attention away from his Preet problems.

Schumer on the other hand is a bit of a mystery.  Chuck is far and away one of the best politicians around.  Not for his ideology, but in his knowing how the system works and his skill at manipulating the public and the media.  He has to see the opposition and know the idea is a huge stinker.  What is his angle in this?

3 thoughts on “Even more self-inflicted damage

  1. He knows it won’t hurt him. In his last two elections, he’s garnered at least 2/3rds of the vote. His support for something like this is red meat for his ultra-liberal base. It doesn’t lose him any votes, so it doesn’t cost him anything.

  2. What is his angle on this? One might ask that question of Satan, or Schumer. Charles Schumer knows how evil he is, and he fears good men with guns accordingly. Fire may be the devil’s only friend, but it can also be his enemy. Good men with guns are no friends of the devil, and he knows that.

  3. I would add that Schumer has known for quite some time that he can have no national ambitions, short of an appointment, and even that is questionable. New York is a political cesspool, and politicians who have been successful here, are dead to America. Mr. Schumer has made his bed. Let him lie in it.

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