Obama meets with Bloomberg

Obama meets Da Maya:

“As his administration prepares an executive order tightening access to guns, President Barack Obama met Wednesday with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a proponent of new gun laws who has become the chief enemy of the National Rifle Association. Obama has met with a series of gun control advocates in recent weeks as his aides complete work on a potential order expected to expand background checks on gun sales by closing the so-called “gun show loophole.” …”

He’s basically admitting gun control is a dead issue in Congress. Likewise for Harry Reid:

“… “We’ve tried everything, so maybe we are to blame. Or maybe the American people are gullible to these NRA folks,” said Reid …”

Or maybe the public does not believe the crap Democrats are pushing.  Even the media can’t spin their BS as evidenced by a new poll:

“A majority of Americans oppose banning assault weapons for the first time in more than 20 years of ABC News/Washington Post polls, with the public expressing vast doubt that the authorities can prevent “lone wolf” terrorist attacks and a substantial sense that armed citizens can help. Just 45 percent in this national survey favor an assault weapons ban, down 11 percentage points from an ABC/Post poll in 2013 and down from a peak of 80 percent in 1994. Fifty-three percent oppose such a ban, the most on record …”

I don’t believe Obama can do much with an executive order.  If he could he probably would have done it before.  So why have a sit down with Bloomberg?

“… Bloomberg’s group had a mixed record in supporting candidates in the 2014 midterm elections, but the former mayor has nonetheless pledged to spend millions backing down-ballot candidates in 2016 …”

Cash is king.

This would explain Chuck Schumer’s behavior as well.

7 thoughts on “Obama meets with Bloomberg

  1. Sorry to post this, but I do think that it’s the perfect analogy for NYS. As a karaoke version, the words are not sung, but are spelled out. It’s where we are as a state, if we can still be called a state, and not a pathetic laughingstock.
    I give you “Homburg”, from some decades ago, but still utterly valid:

  2. BTW “Homburg”, which was Procol Harum’s follow up to their hit “Whiter Shade of Pale” can be easily found on Youtube. Youtube being just about everything these days. Utterly ubiquitous and highly successful. And for some odd and inexplicable reason, Youtube doesn’t hate us gunnies. Awsome folks, them Youtubers. It’s like they’re big, or something. Big enough to piss on Bloomberg. Heh, heh. Just gloating!

  3. I posted it. Beucase this shows the depth of utter nonsense these idiots are going to Ofcourse I didn’t sign it but I wanted everyone to be aware of the hypocrisy beucase NYAGV are on the amazon thing too.

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