Michael Volpe on gun control

Now that Stephanie Miner has secured enough signatures to be on the November ballot, it’s time to look at her running mate Pelham Mayor Michael Volpe.

A little digging to find out his position on guns reveals this from the February 27, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting minutes:

“… Mayor Volpe reported he has received emails and letters about continued gun violence in schools, and Mayor Volpe stated the Board will meet offline to discuss whether the Board will support efforts towards gun control. Mayor Volpe reported he is an advocate for gun control measures, and this issue needs to be addressed from both sides of the political aisle …”

It doesn’t go into details, but it is safe to assume he is no friend of 2A.

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Wednesday’s Newsbits:



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Dumb moves

Governor Cuomo has made a couple of noticeable political mistakes the last few days.

First, he tried to block an ad by Marc Molinaro from airing:

“… Given the false, misleading and defamatory content of the Molinaro advertisement, we respectfully request that you cease and desist from any further broadcast or publication,” the letter said in part …”

Here is the video in question:

Next, the Governor agreed to a debate with Cynthia Nixon. As George Marlin points out in his Newsmax commentary:

“… It was a dumb move because Cuomo has no upside. He will lose if he looks like a mean or condescending bully and Nixon will win if she comes across as pleasant and stands up to the governor …”

Prediction: Nixon is going to “win” the debate by being pleasant. I don’t think she will win the Democrat primary, but I could see her getting 40% of the vote.

Cuomo faces another challenge from the Left in the general election. Former Democrat Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has filed to run for Governor on the Serve America Movement ballot line.

Miner has a history of supporting gun control:

I have not seen any polls that included Miner, but if she starts polling in double digits expect more dumb moves by Cuomo.

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Balter’s position statement on guns

CD-24 challenger Dana Balter had a town hall meeting with residents over the weekend.  The topic of guns came up:

“… She also faced questions about what she supports to reduce gun violence. One proposal she supports would be to pass legislation requiring universal background checks for gun purchases. The measure would aim to close existing loopholes that allow gun sales without background checks. Balter supports the repeal of the Dickey Amendment, which is a provision that was included in a 1990s spending bill to prevent the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from conducting gun violence research. A spending bill passed earlier this year clarified that the CDC could conduct gun violence research, but the Dickey Amendment remains in effect. “We need to repeal that amendment, give the CDC the power back to study gun violence and then Congress needs to fund those studies,” she said …”

This looks like canned antigun talking points.

The Cook Political Report lists the district as Likely Republican.

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Bad sign for Senate Republicans

Senate Republicans have a reason for concern:

“One Republican and three Democratic candidates for the State Senate and Assembly from the Hudson Valley did not meet the deadline for filing financial disclosures, according to a report issued by the Joint Commission on Public EthicsRepublican 39th Senate District candidate Thomas Basile’s form was delivered to staff in Albany earlier this week, according to his campaign spokesman Robert Driscoll, who said Basile’s opponent, Democrat James Skoufis, is “so desperate to get voters to forget that New York’s most corrupt politician bankrolled him for years, he’ll take any occasion to smear Mr. Basile.” But, Skoufis said Basile’s submitting the form “yesterday” still made the filing 24 days late …”

Skoufis is right.

SD-39 is an open seat that now has a roughly 15K Democrat enrollment advantage.  That the Republicans don’t have their stuff together at the point is not a good sign for them.

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Friday’s Newsbits:




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Ashby’s letter to Cuomo

Assemblyman Jake Ashby wrote a letter to Governor Cuomo regarding his attacks upon the NRA and its effect on local gun clubs:

City & State has some more information in their op-ed, “Cuomo administration shouldn’t put NRA on financial blacklist.

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Jim Gaughran’s gun control statement

Jim Gaughran is running for SD-5 against steaming pile of crap Carl Marcellino.

Demonstrating once again that there is no reason for Republicans to cave on the issue, Gov. Cuomo rallied with Gaughran despite Marcellino’s past support for the SAFE Act.

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Truitt addresses Columbia Co. Sportsmen

Will Truitt last night speaking at the monthly meeting of the Columbia County Sportsmen’s Federation:


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Talking Tough

Jumaane Williams who is challenging Kathy Hochul in the Democrat lt. gubernatorial primary released this ad:

Based on production, not subject matter, it is an effective ad.

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