Michael Volpe on gun control

Now that Stephanie Miner has secured enough signatures to be on the November ballot, it’s time to look at her running mate Pelham Mayor Michael Volpe.

A little digging to find out his position on guns reveals this from the February 27, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting minutes:

“… Mayor Volpe reported he has received emails and letters about continued gun violence in schools, and Mayor Volpe stated the Board will meet offline to discuss whether the Board will support efforts towards gun control. Mayor Volpe reported he is an advocate for gun control measures, and this issue needs to be addressed from both sides of the political aisle …”

It doesn’t go into details, but it is safe to assume he is no friend of 2A.

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Dick’s prediction

Dick Nelson is the outdoors writer for Hudson-Catskill newspapers.  He is far and away the best outdoor writer in the state.  In his latest column he predicts that the Republicans will lose Dean Skelos’ old Senate seat in the special election, tentatively set for April 19.

No candidates come forth as of yet, but the Nassau GOP has some weapons-grade stupid on their side which lend credence to Dick’s prediction.


  1. Joseph Mondello levels sharp criticism at GOP officials embroiled in corruption scandals:

    “Nassau Republican Chairman Joseph Mondello on Wednesday leveled extraordinary criticism at GOP officials who are embroiled in public corruption scandals, saying he was “angry as hell,” and would do everything he can to “get them out of the party” if they are convicted …”

    Dude, they’re part of the county committee which you are chairman of.

  2. New York’s next big corruption scandal:

    “There was a stunning revelation in the corruption trial that convicted Dean Skelos … Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, planned to “assert Fifth Amendment privilege” if called to testify about the AbTech contract … and the feds were “not prepared to immunize” him …”

    This doesn’t look good.

  3. Senate GOP blasts Kaminsky’s statement on Dean Skelos’ ‘gall’ to collect his pension:

    “… “Self-professed reformer Todd Kaminsky is a fraud and a phony,” Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif said in an emailed statement Wednesday morning. “Either he doesn’t understand the legislative process or he is ok spinning lies to further his own political ambitions. It was Kaminsky and the New York City Democrats who failed to pass an agreed-upon measure this year to prohibit public officials convicted of felonies from receiving their pensions. While the Senate acted decisively, Kaminsky and his Assembly Democrats buried their heads in the sand. Todd Kaminsky should be ashamed of himself.” …”

    Scott Reif should shut-up. Nobody believes this.

  4. Joseph Mondello, son of Nassau GOP chairman, accused in Virginia of taking hostage:

    “Joseph Nestor Mondello, the son of Nassau Republican Party chairman Joseph Mondello, was arrested Tuesday in Arlington County, Virginia, for allegedly holding hostage, and threatening to kill, a technician who was repairing his computer …”

    Bonus: Little Joe looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

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