Dumb moves

Governor Cuomo has made a couple of noticeable political mistakes the last few days.

First, he tried to block an ad by Marc Molinaro from airing:

“… Given the false, misleading and defamatory content of the Molinaro advertisement, we respectfully request that you cease and desist from any further broadcast or publication,” the letter said in part …”

Here is the video in question:

Next, the Governor agreed to a debate with Cynthia Nixon. As George Marlin points out in his Newsmax commentary:

“… It was a dumb move because Cuomo has no upside. He will lose if he looks like a mean or condescending bully and Nixon will win if she comes across as pleasant and stands up to the governor …”

Prediction: Nixon is going to “win” the debate by being pleasant. I don’t think she will win the Democrat primary, but I could see her getting 40% of the vote.

Cuomo faces another challenge from the Left in the general election. Former Democrat Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has filed to run for Governor on the Serve America Movement ballot line.

Miner has a history of supporting gun control:

I have not seen any polls that included Miner, but if she starts polling in double digits expect more dumb moves by Cuomo.

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