Truitt addresses Columbia Co. Sportsmen

Will Truitt last night speaking at the monthly meeting of the Columbia County Sportsmen’s Federation:


Truitt for Assembly campaign kick-off 2

Following up his Dutchess kick-off, I attended Will Truitt’s Columbia County Campaign Kick-Off:

Will Truitt Columbia County Campaign Kickoff

I cannot stress how important it is gun owners, both as individuals and as representatives of clubs/federations, attend these events and yes, pay for those which are fundraisers like this one was.

As we get closer to election time there will be lots of campaign events all over the state.  I recommend those in Orange County attend Colin Schmitt’s Campaign HQ Grand Opening on the 26th.

Truitt for Assembly campaign kick-off

I attended Will Truitt’s Dutchess County Campaign Kick-Off yesterday:

Will Truitt for Assembly Dutchess Campaign Kick-Off

Some campaign events are free, others are fundraisers like this one.

Gun owners need to attend such events and gun clubs should pass around the hat to sponsor them.  If clubs were to sponsor say, a dozen such events around the state, so many problems in Albany would go away.

TVRGC Meet the Candidates

Tri-Village Rod & Gun Club hosted Assembly candidates Dean Michael (AD-102) and Jake Ashby (AD-107 special) at last night’s monthly meeting.

Dean Michael for Assembly

Jake Ashby for Assembly

Dean Michael & Jake Ashby for Assembly

New project

I am starting a new project: Oust incumbent Assemblywoman Didi Barrett and replace her with Town of Clinton Councilman Dean Michael.

The first order of business is to get the candidate before as many people as possible to pitch their campaign.  Here are a couple of pictures from last night’s meeting of the Columbia County Sportsmen’s Federation of Dean addressing the delegates:

Dean Michael for Assembly

Dean Michael for Assembly

Two other candidates running in the April 24 special elections, Chris Tague and Jake Ashby, were their as well doing self promotion:

Chris Tague for Assembly

Jake Ashby for Assembly

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