Election Coda

As expected Governor Cuomo stomped all over Marc Molinaro to win a 3rd term.

Results in New York were pretty bad for gun owners.

In Congress:

In the State Senate, Democrats destroyed the Republicans:

My local pick came up short:

Other county races:

There were a few bright spots, though:

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Robocall for Truitt

I just received a robocall from NRA for Will Truitt.

This is definitely a winnable race.  DACC dumped roughly $250,000 on incumbent Assemblywoman Didi Barrett.

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Meet the Candidates

Stanford Grange #808 held a Meet the Candidates event last night.  Those which bothered to show up included Jeffrey Martin, Assemblywoman Didi Barrett, Dutchess County Legislator Will Truitt and Karen Smythe.

Standfor Grange #808 Meet the Candidates

I asked the legislative candidates to state their position on current legislation to repeal the SAFE Act (A-5599/S-1997).  Both Barrett and Smythe are antigun, but I wanted them to say so in public.

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AD-106 in play

I have received two phone polls, the second about an hour ago, regarding the AD-106 race between incumbent Assemblywoman Didi Barrett and Dutchess County Legislator Will Truitt.  That has never happened before.  I’ve received plenty of polling over the years for Gubernatorial, Congressional and State Senate races, but never for the State Assembly until now.  Based upon the questions asked the polling has to be conducted by Barrett’s people.

I think we have a shot at knocking out an antigun incumbent in this district.  There are only a handful of competitive races for state legislature so if you’d like to help Truitt’s campaign, even if you don’t live in the district, click on his name to make a donation.


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Meet the Candidates

I helped organize a Meet the Candidates event for the local town association.  The Republican candidates didn’t show up, but two of the three Democrats did including incumbent Assemblywoman Didi Barrett:

Assemblywoman Didi Barrett

And Senate candidate Aaron Gladd:

Senate candidate Aaaron Gladd

Gladd briefly touched on guns. He basically reiterated his public positions, that he supports universal background checks. He also said he supported tax credits for purchasing gun safety equipment.  There are bills to do that including S-192 and S-5757 that are ostensibly pro-gun, but he isn’t trying to run as a pro-gun candidate.

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Tuesday’s Newsbits:

I received a telephone call from “Quantel Research” doing a poll, mostly on the Didi Barrett/Will Truitt race. Never got polled for an Assembly race before. Specifically asked about abortion.




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Primary aftermath

Governor Cuomo has defeated Cynthia Nixon in the Democrat primary as expected. It cost him upwards of $20 million to do it compared to her $500,000 and she still scored roughly 37% of the vote.

Kathy Hochul defeated Jumaane Williams after grossly outspending him and still only received about 53%.

Letitia James received the Democrat nomination for Attorney General with about 40% in a 4-way race.

While not unexpected, none of this good for gun owners especially James’ win as she said she would use the office to investigate the NRA.  As for the Governor, the Daily Beast sums it up, “Andrew Cuomo Is America’s Problem Now.

The Independence Democrat Conference is dead with 6 of 8 losing their primaries including ringleader Jeff Klein.  Good.  Fuck them.  This does mean, however, that there will be a unified Democrat conference next session even if Simcha Felder continues to do whatever he pleases.

In AD-106 challenger Will Truitt leads incumbent Didi Barrett by 3 votes in the Independence Party primary.  This is why I love primaries.

In AD-133 NRA endorsed incumbent Joe Errigo lost the GOP primaryMarjorie Byrnes also supports gun rights so it doesn’t matter.

Ulster Co. Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum lost the Democrat primary, but will continue on the Republican line in the general election. He has been a strong advocate for gun owners.

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Truitt addresses Columbia Co. Sportsmen

Will Truitt last night speaking at the monthly meeting of the Columbia County Sportsmen’s Federation:


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Truitt for Assembly campaign kick-off 2

Following up his Dutchess kick-off, I attended Will Truitt’s Columbia County Campaign Kick-Off:

Will Truitt Columbia County Campaign Kickoff

I cannot stress how important it is gun owners, both as individuals and as representatives of clubs/federations, attend these events and yes, pay for those which are fundraisers like this one was.

As we get closer to election time there will be lots of campaign events all over the state.  I recommend those in Orange County attend Colin Schmitt’s Campaign HQ Grand Opening on the 26th.

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Truitt for Assembly campaign kick-off

I attended Will Truitt’s Dutchess County Campaign Kick-Off yesterday:

Will Truitt for Assembly Dutchess Campaign Kick-Off

Some campaign events are free, others are fundraisers like this one.

Gun owners need to attend such events and gun clubs should pass around the hat to sponsor them.  If clubs were to sponsor say, a dozen such events around the state, so many problems in Albany would go away.

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