Probably won’t work

Newsday reports:

“Three retired Nassau County correction officers and a retired deputy sheriff claim in a civil suit they’ve been unjustly denied special police-retiree gun permits and licenses by county authorities.  The suit, filed Monday in federal court in Central Islip, claims Nassau Sheriff Michael Sposato and the Nassau County Police Department have denied licenses to the four because of disabilities …”

This probably won’t work given that the 2nd Circuit ruled in the Kachalsky v. Cacace case that licensing agents are not obligated to issue pistol licenses to anyone.

“… “This suit is necessary to change how disabled officers, who served this county well, are being treated by the county when they want the same benefits that other retirees get,” said Frederick Brewington, the Hempstead attorney representing [the plaintiffs]. “None of their disabilities make them ineligible to own, purchase and carry firearms, and there is no good reason for them to have been treated differently.” …”

That’s the thing. They are not being treated any differently.  They’re getting the same screwing Nassau gives to everyone.

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Cuomo’s personal failure

This isn’t going to happen:

Gov. Cuomo, speaking at the funeral of his murdered aide Saturday, urged Washington Democrats to shut down the government until they get a gun control bill that works …”

When I see stuff like this I wonder if the Governor is so out of touch with reality that he honestly believes this is a reasonable request or if it’s just he is so tasteless and classless that he feels politicizing the the funeral of a friend is acceptable behavior.

I cannot think of any way to underscore the public policy failure of Cuomo’s SAFE Act than this event.

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Boehner out

House Speaker John Boehner is stepping down from his post and resigning from Congress at the end of next month.

Why wait?  He should do it now.

Hopefully the next leader will have more of a backbone and push a pro-freedom agenda including the reciprocity bill.

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Gun control not working so lets have more of it

Crime is up in Rochester so Mayor Lovely Warren decides to meet with representatives from Moms Demand Action.

This comes one month after I sent out this press release, “Rochester shootings leave no doubt the SAFE Act is a failure.

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More power to Preet

Good article at Crain’s, “U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is on the warpath.

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Walker walks

Governor Scott Walker has suspended his presidential campaign.

He takes a shot at Donald Trump on the way out, but it does not change the fact that, like Rick Perry, he just could not put together a strong campaign.  Ideas and ideology mean nothing without a way to implement an agenda and Walker did not have his stuff together to do that.

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New DC ruling may impact New York

A new decision out of DC may impact the Sullivan Act:

“… The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled 2-1 Friday that the city cannot require gun owners to re-register a gun every three years, make a gun available for inspection or pass a test about firearms laws. The court also struck down a ban on registering more than one pistol per month …”

This does not have an immediate effect in New York, but depending upon where it goes down the line it might.

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Bloomberg media goes after Cruz

Bloomberg’s astroturf media outlet The Trace goes after Ted Cruz, “Expert: Cruz’s Shoutout to Gun Owners of America Marked an ‘Unprecedented’ Turn for Presidential Campaigns“:

“It was one of the Senator from Texas’ few big moments in Wednesday night’s Republican presidential primary debate, and he milked it for all it was worth. Speaking over the moderator as he looked directly into the CNN camera, Ted Cruz boasted about his long history standing up for the “right to keep and bear arms.” He used the phrase three times in under a minute as he ticked off his gun-rights bonafides … Finally, he worked up to his clincher: “I was honored to be endorsed by Gun Owners of America as the strongest supporter of the Second Amendment on this stage today.” …”

The reason he did this is simple: Cruz has to do something to separate himself from the pack.  There are way too many candidates on stage right now.

Of course Bloomberg doesn’t like this:

“… Alan Schroeder, a Northeastern University journalism professor and author of Presidential Debates: Fifty Years of High-Risk TV, tells The Trace, “I honestly cannot think of a parallel example from previous presidential primary debates” of a candidate on national television aligning themselves with a group so extreme …”

This attack demonstrates why I don’t believe Bloomberg is going to be very relevant in next year’s presidential election.  It’s just lame.  The best his money could buy was to get an egghead nobody has heard of before to trot out the old liberal canard of Republicans being “extreme.”

“… GOA’s positions and rhetoric are notably high-proof …”

And still don’t come close to the Laddites calling for SWATting gun owners.

With voters in no mood for more gun control, Bloomberg’s attack is not likely to dissuade other candidates from presenting their pro-gun credentials.  If he simply left the issue alone for now, Cruz’s remarks would have faded into the background noise.  Instead Bloomberg elevated GOA which might encourage NRA to step up their pressure.

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Latest brief in Title 38 suit

Here is the latest brief filed by NYSRPA in the lawsuit challenging NYC Title 38.

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Good riddance

Antigun rag Daily News, which has been losing tens of millions of dollars every year, appears to have had an employee purge including their leading gun control spokesman:

Good. Hope the door hits you in butt on the way out.

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