Nice idea, but …

From the Watertown Daily Times, “St. Lawrence County judge faces criticism over pistol permit restrictions“:

St. Lawrence County Judge Jerome J. Richards is facing criticism from several county legislators who believe restrictions he places on many citizens who hold pistol permits may violate Second Amendment rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution. During their Monday Finance Committee meeting, lawmakers had a lengthy discussion that focused on complaints they’ve received from people who applied for and received pistol permits from Judge Richards …”

I have heard complaints about him before and I told those people they need to get rid of him at the next election. He ran unopposed last year for another 10 year term.

“… According to Legislator Kevin M. Acres, R-Madrid, most of the concealed pistol permits issued by Judge Richards restrict permit holders to carrying the weapons only during outdoor sporting activities such as hunting and target shooting. Constituents have complained that the restrictions prevent them having their pistol on other occasions when they may need to protect themselves or family members …”

Valid concerns, but …

“… Legislator Rick Perkins, D-Parishville, said restrictions placed by Judge Richards on pistol permits are a disservice to citizens. “I think we need to take his personal bias out of this and give the permits or licenses without restrictions. It’s our right,” Mr. Perkins said. County Attorney Stephen D. Button advised legislators Monday they had the authority to adopt their own local law defining “proper cause” because the state so far has failed to do so, even though bills have been introduced in the state Legislature …”

Um, no.  Suffolk County tried this like 20-25 years ago and the court ruled they do not have the authority to do that.

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Skelos fading

Dean Skelos is in a lot of trouble.  I do not believe he will finish out the session as Majority Leader, although I do not see him resigning at this point.

This is karma coming back at him for being Gov. Cuomo’s butt money and fucking over so many people with SAFE.

Possible replacements, in order of probability, are: John Flanagan, Cathy Young and John DeFrancisco with Young being the best of the bunch.

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Legislative Report #7

Legislative Report #7 is now online.

Senate Codes Committee Agenda for Tuesday, April 28:

  • S-2050 – Relates to prohibiting the possession of certain 50 caliber firearms; directs the division of state police to embark on a program whereby persons currently in lawful possession of such weapons may be reimbursed for the fair market value thereof upon turning in such weapons to a designated officer
  • S-2491 – Enacts the “Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act”; creates crimes of failure to store a weapon safely in the first and second degrees, aggravated failure to store a weapon, and criminally negligent storage of a weapon in the first and second degrees; provides affirmative defenses; directs the Commissioner of Education to develop a weapons safety program
  • S-2900 – Authorizes the possession of a handgun being sold by a dealer in firearms upon the premises of such dealer

Antigun lobby day is set for Tuesday, May 4.  Expect a bus load of astroturf in the LOB.

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Political theater

When dealing with the state legislature, it is important to know the difference between serious actions and political theater.

Here are examples of the latter:

We go through this every year. A handful of Assembly Republicans ask some of their pro-gun bills be put on the committee agenda. There is a party line and the bills are held for consideration with no further action taken.

The legislature is not going to repeal SAFE. Neither chamber is even going to allow a bill to come up for a vote. Politicians who say otherwise are just pandering to their base. Groups who say otherwise are not being honest with their constituency.

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Halbrook article on SAFE

Stephen Halbrook wrote an article for the Albany Law Review on the SAFE Act titled, New York’s not so “SAFE” Act: The Second Amendment in an Alice-in-Wonderland world where words have no meaning.

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SAFE cost Byron Brown #2 spot

Interesting bit in this article from the Buffalo News:

“… The Buffalo mayor [Byron Brown] has taken great pains over the years to maintain his spot on the Conservative line, even losing a party primary to new best friend Kevin Helfer in 2005. Brown can only wonder what might have been without that “C” behind his name. His reluctance to embrace Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act gun control law may have very well cost him a shot at becoming lieutenant governor last year …”

The fallout from SAFE will go on for years and years.

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Poughkeepsie press conference

I attended a press conference outside Poughkeepsie City Hall in opposition to a proposed mandatory firearms storage law.


In the picture are, left to right:

  • 4th Ward Councilman Lee David Klein
  • 9th District Dutchess County Legislator Gwen C. Johnson
  • NYSRPA Tom King
  • 105th Assemblyman Kieran Lalor
  • City of Poughkeepise Mayor John Tkazyik

City of Poughkeepsie press conference

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Hillary announces, Cuomo evaporates

Hillary Clinton has kicked off her Presidential campaign.

“… Clinton, the first to enter the Democratic presidential field, enters the race as the prohibitive favorite for the nomination … A CNN/ORC International poll in March found that Clinton held a 50-point lead over her closest competitor, Vice President Joe Biden. What’s more, the three Democrats most actively teasing a presidential run — former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont — all received no more than 3% support among Democrats and independents that lean Democratic …”

Where’s Governor Cuomo in all this?  According to their poll, he went from 1% in December to N/A in March.

Guess Democrats weren’t as impressed with him being a national leader on gun control as much as Andrew thought they would be.

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