Microstamping bill on Assembly agenda

Only three weeks to go until the legislature goes into recess so now is the time for stupid shit to come up.

Microstamping bill A-3244A is on the Assembly Codes Committee Agenda for next Tuesday, June 3.

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Zephyr Teachout

Governor Cuomo though he would become a hero of the Left, pushing gun control and the “women’s agenda.”  The backlash against his gun control pushed the “women’s agenda” off the table.  Nevertheless, he did get part of what he wanted and made an effort with the rest so he should get some credit for that, right?

So, what does the Left think of Andrew?

“For weeks now, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, a Democrat seeking re-election this year, has been working behind the scenes to soothe misgivings by the leadership of a small but influential political party made up of labor unions and liberal activists who believe his policies have veered too far to the right.  Late on Thursday, a co-chairwoman of that group, the Working Families Party, said Mr. Cuomo’s efforts were not likely to be successful.  “Unless there is a significant new development in the next 24 hours, I don’t expect the state committee to endorse the governor,” said the co-chairwoman, Karen Scharff, who as executive director of the liberal advocacy group Citizen Action of New York wields considerable influence in the party …”

So, pushing SAFE had no effect on his base.  It just pissed people off and essentially ended his presidential aspirations.

“… Instead, she said, the party expects to put its support behind an academic with scarcely any chance to defeat Mr. Cuomo: Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham law professor who was the director of online organizing for Howard Dean’s presidential bid …”

Cuomo offered the Left gun control when what they really wanted was high taxes and government cheese.

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The corporate gun lobby

The antis are trying to get a new meme going: “Corporate Gun Lobby.

Look for it in pressers and used by talking heads on television.  It goes along with their attempts at promoting divestiture of gun company stocks from retirement accounts.

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Over for Andrew?

Good commentary from George Marlin over at his blog, “Is it over already for cantankerous Cuomo?

“… perceived as a man who has no core beliefs, Cuomo has managed to alienate people on both the right and the left of the political spectrum. Energized pro-fracking, pro-gun, pro-life voters are expected to come out in droves this November to punish the governor. On the left, supporters of the Working Families Party may put up a candidate to oppose him, or just sit out the election …”

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Hochul not helping Cuomo

Why did Gov. Cuomo choose former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul to be his running mate?  According to the Buffalo News, to provide some cover for the SAFE Act:

“… Besides geographic ticket balancing for an otherwise all-downstate slate for the party’s three other statewide campaigns, Hochul offers some cover for Cuomo on a still-burning issue in many upstate communities: gun control.  In her 2012 congressional race, she was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, whose leaders have been highly critical of Cuomo’s SAFE Act gun control bill passed last year.  “I think she helps with his support upstate and in Western New York where he was damaged a lot by the SAFE Act,” said Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, a Buffalo Democrat who on Wednesday was named as the co-chairwoman of Cuomo’s 2014 campaign with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.  “That’s probably a factor in all of this,” Rep. Brian Higgins, an Erie County Democrat, said of Hochul’s cordial relations with gun groups that continue to fight the SAFE Act. “She’s an upstate voice, including on this issue.” …”

I believe this is the first time elected Democrats have publicly admitted the SAFE Act isn’t as popular as the media keeps saying it is.

“… Cuomo dismissed that theory. “She supports the SAFE Act,” he said. “I’m not opposed to guns. I’m a gun owner … I hunt.  I shoot.” …”

Still pandering to the Fudds, implying SAFE doesn’t affect them.  No mention of guns for self-defense.

Now that Peoples and Higgins have established that Cuomo has an upstate popularity problem, how is Hochul’s pick going over downstate?  According to Fred Dicker:

“Gov. Cuomo’s new running mate for lieutenant governor … is “99 percent certain’’ to be challenged in the Democratic primary by a prominent anti-Cuomo “progressive’’ with millions to spend, The Post has learned.  Cuomo critic Bill Samuels … told associates over the weekend that he’s furious that Cuomo selected Hochul, a bank lobbyist, whom he described as “out of step with the progressive reforms this state needs,’’ one source told The Post.  Samuels, 71, who told an associate that he’s “99 percent certain to run” against Hochul in the September primary, has already begun planning a campaign built around appeals to Mayor de Blasio’s core supporters: labor unions, left-of-center activists …”

This is what opens the door for Rob Astorino.  If there is high upstate voter turnout of people pissed at Cuomo along with more low voter turnout in the City because he doesn’t motivate them, Astorino can win in November.

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Legislative Report #17

Legislative Report #17 is now online:

A-7880A, Authorizes big game hunting in Albany county with a rifle, is on the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee agenda for Wednesday, May 28. A bunch of GOP sponsored gun bills are on the Assembly Codes Committee agenda then too, but they’re not going anywhere.

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Cuomo’s nomination speech

Some excepts from Gov. Cuomo’s speech accepting the Democrat nomination to run for re-election as Governor:

” … The speech not only reflected Cuomo’s record over the last four years, but sought to highlight his own brand of Democratic politics … Cuomo pointed to a host of victories in his first term … a sweeping gun control law in 2013 …”

Go right ahead and highlight that in your campaign ads.

” … Cuomo boosted his own socially liberal platform of success over … gun control …”

That isn’t what his current television ads are saying.  They’re all this “New New York” B.S.

… “… New York will not tolerate any discrimination at any time for any reason …” …

Except for the Sullivan Act.

” … the gun control measure was “long over due because too many innocents died.” …”

How’s that working out?

“… In sum, it was Cuomo’s framing of a Democratic Party …”

Yep.  He owns it.

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Limbaugh: 2014 elections will be like 2010

I would add that I think voter turnout in NYC is going to be as low if not lower than it was last year.

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Cuomo chooses Hochul as running mate

Governor Cuomo has chosen former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul to be his running mate.

She was endorsed by NRA back in ’12 and is an improvement over outgoing Bob Duffy, but we are well past the point where anything Andy could do would improve his standing with gun owners.  I don’t believe that played any part in her selection.  Andy wanted an upstate candidate to balance the ticket and she was available.

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