Hochul not helping Cuomo

Why did Gov. Cuomo choose former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul to be his running mate?  According to the Buffalo News, to provide some cover for the SAFE Act:

“… Besides geographic ticket balancing for an otherwise all-downstate slate for the party’s three other statewide campaigns, Hochul offers some cover for Cuomo on a still-burning issue in many upstate communities: gun control.  In her 2012 congressional race, she was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, whose leaders have been highly critical of Cuomo’s SAFE Act gun control bill passed last year.  “I think she helps with his support upstate and in Western New York where he was damaged a lot by the SAFE Act,” said Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, a Buffalo Democrat who on Wednesday was named as the co-chairwoman of Cuomo’s 2014 campaign with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.  “That’s probably a factor in all of this,” Rep. Brian Higgins, an Erie County Democrat, said of Hochul’s cordial relations with gun groups that continue to fight the SAFE Act. “She’s an upstate voice, including on this issue.” …”

I believe this is the first time elected Democrats have publicly admitted the SAFE Act isn’t as popular as the media keeps saying it is.

“… Cuomo dismissed that theory. “She supports the SAFE Act,” he said. “I’m not opposed to guns. I’m a gun owner … I hunt.  I shoot.” …”

Still pandering to the Fudds, implying SAFE doesn’t affect them.  No mention of guns for self-defense.

Now that Peoples and Higgins have established that Cuomo has an upstate popularity problem, how is Hochul’s pick going over downstate?  According to Fred Dicker:

“Gov. Cuomo’s new running mate for lieutenant governor … is “99 percent certain’’ to be challenged in the Democratic primary by a prominent anti-Cuomo “progressive’’ with millions to spend, The Post has learned.  Cuomo critic Bill Samuels … told associates over the weekend that he’s furious that Cuomo selected Hochul, a bank lobbyist, whom he described as “out of step with the progressive reforms this state needs,’’ one source told The Post.  Samuels, 71, who told an associate that he’s “99 percent certain to run” against Hochul in the September primary, has already begun planning a campaign built around appeals to Mayor de Blasio’s core supporters: labor unions, left-of-center activists …”

This is what opens the door for Rob Astorino.  If there is high upstate voter turnout of people pissed at Cuomo along with more low voter turnout in the City because he doesn’t motivate them, Astorino can win in November.

9 Responses to “Hochul not helping Cuomo”

  1. Robert Micheli III Says:

    Just because she was endorsed by the NRA in 2012, doesn’t mean she is our friends today. Look who she is paired with! I have seen way to many politicians turncoat overnight against us….do not comply with lies

  2. Don Frank Says:

    She may have had an NRA endorsement in the last election cycle, but I can guarantee that it has vanished with her recent statements regarding Cuomo’s Safe Act. This is going to be a brutal campaign and she will be just another casualty of it. I hope they keep her desk open at the bank…she will need it

  3. Don Frank Says:

    The other fact not mentioned in this article is that she is married to a fed attorney. Probably an attempt to cover his ass if Andy finds himself with a moreland commission problem he can’t wiggle his way out of

  4. Dan Willis Says:

    vote adolf andy out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Art Daley Says:

    How can anyone make a turd smell like anything but a piece of shit?

  6. Vincent Suppa Says:

    He can’t hide who he is like he did in 2010. No running mate can change him.

  7. Jack Jones Says:

    BYE,BYE ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even your own people don’t support you anymore!

  8. Dennis Mulqueen Says:

    Hochul sais she supports the safe act which makesvher anti gun not pro gun. Higgins and Peoples are not pro gun and they do not have a clue.

  9. bill corbett Says:

    Is it a coincidence that M&T bank is where the NY Rising funds for Sandy recovery are deposited?

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