Primary aftermath

Governor Cuomo has defeated Cynthia Nixon in the Democrat primary as expected. It cost him upwards of $20 million to do it compared to her $500,000 and she still scored roughly 37% of the vote.

Kathy Hochul defeated Jumaane Williams after grossly outspending him and still only received about 53%.

Letitia James received the Democrat nomination for Attorney General with about 40% in a 4-way race.

While not unexpected, none of this good for gun owners especially James’ win as she said she would use the office to investigate the NRA.  As for the Governor, the Daily Beast sums it up, “Andrew Cuomo Is America’s Problem Now.

The Independence Democrat Conference is dead with 6 of 8 losing their primaries including ringleader Jeff Klein.  Good.  Fuck them.  This does mean, however, that there will be a unified Democrat conference next session even if Simcha Felder continues to do whatever he pleases.

In AD-106 challenger Will Truitt leads incumbent Didi Barrett by 3 votes in the Independence Party primary.  This is why I love primaries.

In AD-133 NRA endorsed incumbent Joe Errigo lost the GOP primaryMarjorie Byrnes also supports gun rights so it doesn’t matter.

Ulster Co. Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum lost the Democrat primary, but will continue on the Republican line in the general election. He has been a strong advocate for gun owners.

2 Responses to “Primary aftermath”

  1. Steve Says:

    It’s not all doom and gloom for next year Jacob. Regardless of the dems trying to derail Kavanagu by some anonymous person back in high school, he will be confirmed. This is good for us in that we should still be able to win at SCOTUS with whatever the New Democrats throw at us next year.

  2. admin Says:


    I believe Kavanaugh will be on SCOTUS by October, but that won’t derail future gun control plans. Even if some of their laws are ruled unconstitutional they will simply reword them and try again.

    There will be no peace until NRA (and it has to be them) gets involved with Democrat politics and elections.

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