Less inclined, but not by choice

Larry Sabato is utterly clueless about New York politics:

“… New York’s Andrew Cuomo is on some pundits’ lists, but so far he seems even less inclined toward a bid than his gubernatorial father, Mario, who played Hamlet in 1992 and ultimately did not run … the New York executive does not have a term limit, meaning Cuomo could run for a third term in 2018 … Cuomo, meanwhile, could bide his time, though his father—after passing on presidential runs—ended up losing a bid for a fourth gubernatorial term, in 1994, to Republican George Pataki …”

The reason Cuomo doesn’t seem inclined toward running is because it is blindly obvious that he’s blown his chance on the national stage by making gun control his signature issue.  He’s got problems with members of his own party, who may agree with him in principle, but are smart enough to realize that Andrew made an ass of himself during his 2013 State of the State Address and showed everyone he ain’t got what it takes to be President.  His old man didn’t have it either, but instead of losing his shit in public like Andrew, Mario just slowly shriveled up.  Nobody refers to his time in office as the good ol’ days or wistfully dreams of what President Mario Cuomo would have done.  Nobody is going to do that for Andrew either.

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