Cuomo is a nonfactor for 2016

Politico’s headline says it all, “Andrew Cuomo in 2016? Think again“:

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo developed an early posture after his 2010 election of keeping his head down and ignoring national politics, almost never venturing beyond his home turf for the states that settle presidential races.  Most believed it was essentially an act — one that he’d inevitably drop once he started pursuing his widely assumed ambition to be president …”

Which he did this past January with the so-called SAFE Act and his “women’s agenda.”

“… Three years later, Cuomo’s political lens is just as narrow.  And Democratic activists in early presidential states have come to conclude there’s no way he will run in 2016, whether Hillary Clinton is in the race or not.  He’s been so invisible on the national stage, they say — no speeches, no fundraising, no early-state networking — that even if Cuomo had a late change of heart, he’s done none of the legwork that would be needed to mount a credible campaign …”

Not true.  He tried for national attention with both gun control and feminist pandering.  That is what his whole State of the State address was about.  What happened was gun control blew up in his face so badly that it took the “women’s agenda” off the table and effectively knocked him out as a ’16 presidential contender.  Losing ~25 points off your approval rating can do that to a candidate.

“… Multiple early-state activists told POLITICO last week that while other Democratic presidential hopefuls have been courting them, laying the groundwork to run especially if Clinton doesn’t, Cuomo is a nonfactor in their minds.  Cuomo is simply not part of the discussion in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, where activists delight in their unique status in the nominating process and long to see candidates on repeated visits in the lead-up to primaries and caucuses …”

Oh, he was probably on their minds.  It’s what they were thinking that is the issue:  Cuomo = Loser.

“… Asked whether he puts any stock in the Cuomo-for-president talk, New Hampshire Democratic chairman Ray Buckley had two answers: “No” and “nope.”  “I have come to believe that he is quite content with the challenge of being the governor of New York and has every intention of remaining,” Buckley said. “It would be highly unusual for anyone who is considering running for president in this cycle or the next three or four cycles for me not to know it.” …”

Yeah right.  It was widely reported by national media that Cuomo wanted to be first in the nation with new gun control in order to use it as an issue to launch his presidential bid:

“… For Cuomo, who is eyeing a potential 2016 presidential run, the tough gun package gives him another signature achievement less than two years after winning passage of a bill to legalize gay marriage.  “It’s a big plus in the shadow campaign already being waged for 2016,” said University of Virginia political expert Larry Sabato …”

There is no way Buckley could not have known about Cuomo’s ambitions.

“… A Cuomo spokeswoman declined to comment …”

What would they say?  Andy screwed up?

“… Cuomo’s allies insist there would still be time for him to jump into a national race after his 2014 election and that his approach does not indicate he isn’t running …”

His approach indicates he realizes he screwed up.

“… They also argue that Cuomo’s strict New York focus could actually provide a winning message should he eventually run …”

Cuomo’s winning is the same as Charlie Sheen’s.

“… “No governor of the State of New York has ever ruled out being president!” said former DGA Executive Director Nathan Daschle in an email …”

Thankfully none in my lifetime made it.

“… Cuomo allies say there is no chance he’d challenge Clinton, the wife of the man who appointed him as HUD secretary in the 1990s.  But they have left open the idea that he could seize the moment if Clinton takes a pass …”

That’s the same as Pataki leaving the door open.

“… But unlike other potential Democratic 2016 hopefuls, Cuomo has given no reason to believe it’s anything more than an idea …”

That simply is not true.

“… Cuomo has amassed a socially liberal, fiscally moderate record that could be a good sell in a presidential general election …”

Then why did Cuomo’s approval rating plunge after SAFE?

“… And other than his work on gay marriage and gun control, Cuomo’s New York doings have been mostly walled off from the national discussion …”

No, gun control took him out of the national discussion after the public got a look at his position.

“… There has been growing national interest in the next generation of New York leaders …”

By whom?

“… but for now, it’s shifting to two former Cuomo employees, Gillibrand and the incoming mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio …”

That wasn’t the case this time just one year ago when his approval rating was in the low-mid 70s.  How the mighty have fallen.

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11 thoughts on “Cuomo is a nonfactor for 2016

  1. We need to find a strong candidate that can run against him, he/she will need a large war chest of $ and be free from big closet skeletons. New York gun owners are in need of a Reagan or even a JFK at this point. The question is can we find one… Soon

  2. The real pity in all of this is that we had our rights raped by an incompetent politician’s hubris, and now it has backfired on him, and ruined his career – the idiot!
    If Andy could have been intelligent enough to forsee the political consequences for him of the SAFE Act – the ending of his chance for the presidency – he would have angrily told Bloomberg to go to hell, instead of going along and letting the mayor use him like a tool.
    The ultimate irony would be for Bloomberg to defeat Cuomo for governor next year. Andy would have to get a real job, but he’s not qualified for one. Idiot!

  3. One cannot win the Office of President without Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, Ohio and Florida. One whiff of NYunSAFE in those States and Andrew “Newan Neehdz Teeen BewLetts tew Keel a DEAH!!” Cuomo is a non starter. He knows he jumped the shark with UNSAFE and his ambitions are shot, pun intended.

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