Shootings up in Poughkeepsie? Impossible.

A week ago the Poughkeepsie Journal reported an increase of shootings in the city:

“… The highest number of shootings in at least six years meant long days for City of Poughkeepsie police detectives and tragic news for a handful of victims’ families.  Thirty-four people were shot in 33 incidents in the city this year — five of them fatally — but city police administrators remain hopeful their efforts will curb gun violence and illegal gun ownership in the city in 2014 …”

Clearly this is not possible:

“I’m writing with regard to your Dec. 30 article claiming an increase of shootings in Poughkeepise over the past year. Reporter Roberto Cruz must have made a mistake as the article is simply is not believable.

In January 2013, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the “nation’s toughest gun control law” thereby making it impossible for such events to occur. In addition, Mayor John Tkazyik has been a member of so-called Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) for years and has allowed his name to be used in numerous citizen disarmament campaigns orchestrated by MAIG at the state and federal levels. Tkazyik even accepted a personal campaign contribution from MAIG founder Michael Bloomberg.

In light of these facts, I do not see how your story could possibly be accurate.

I trust the editor will deliver suitable denunciation to Cruz for such “shoddy” reporting.”

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27 thoughts on “Shootings up in Poughkeepsie? Impossible.

  1. The Shot Heard ’round NY. Saturday January 11th at 12:00 pm Noon. Please shot One shot from a legal Gun in a Safe manner, let them hear the Awakening Giant WE THE PEOPLE. Invite everyone you know even if they live in a different State they can show support and maybe Washington will hear it LOUD and CLEAR. Thank You!

  2. I’m a cop in the City of Poughkeepsie. The safe act does NOTHING to curb the violent actions of criminal recidivists and the mentally ill. Turning law abiding citizens into felons and stripping away our Bill of Rights is the real criminal act. NY had some of the strictest gun laws on the books prior to this garbage legislation that violated the State constitution… maybe the media should look into the lack of criminal prosecution and plea bargaining that is the real problem. Research it yourself…also, I’ll bet 99.8% of those “gun crimes” were done with handguns and NOT scary black rifles. Anyone who takes a handout from elitest Bloomberg is part of the problem.

  3. Right… the Safe act worked. I read something like 1200 (approx) arrests made as a result. My question is … how many of those “criminals” were created by the stroke of a pen?

  4. What these progressives have done is a criminal act on the citizens of this country. By pushing these useless laws and take away our rights. They put a fear on people to protect life, property and liberty. What better way then to use the local thugs from these inner cities or “devil’s playground “. Makes it easier to control those who choose to be sheep

  5. Outstanding response! When did the word violence get changed to “gun violence”, almost as if it does not count as violence if a firearm is not involved? Another Orwellian newspeak. He was only off by a few years. “Gun safety” is now, if it were to be described as a math function, the limit as the absolute prohibition of private ownership of firearms is approached. That is their approach since Heller. Who is being fooled here? Absolutely nobody with a single living brain cell left. Gun banning is an assault on the political enemies of the commies and has nothing to do with anything else.

  6. The Un-Safe Act keeping the citizens of NYS safer from those criminals who obey only gun laws while breaking all others! Comrade Cuomo can add “stupid” to his resume, in addition to sanctimonious, self-rightgeous, pompous, pandering political whore. I can’t wait to un-elect that clown and to work against all the other politicians who passed that unconstitutional act. Fortunately, both my Assemblyman and State Senator voted against it and have worked to mitigate the damage it has and will do!

  7. Gentlemen, I suggest you go to NRA-ILA state legislation and read their analysis of the recent decision by the Western District. Not being an attorney, I will make no comment. But go ahead and read it and come to your own conclusions.

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