Lawsuit appeal

The court decision will be appealed to the 2nd Circuit.  Here is draft paperwork of the filing.

The state plans to appeal as well.

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5 thoughts on “Lawsuit appeal

  1. I don’t have confidence in the appeals, since it’s in NYC. However, the goal is SCOTUS, so hopefully the two oldest will not retire before them. Fingers Crossed!

  2. THANK YOU JACOB!! That is good! The faster we lose in 2C and get thru there to SCOTUS the better, not that we want to lose, but we must get to SCOTUS while there MAY be a thread of integrity left there. It is just amazing that they are also appealing, I presume on the 7 round limit. That is beyond retarded, it is brain dead. Its just about cumhole’s ego.

  3. If you really think on it, out of all the 2A cases ever to go to SCOTUS, this one will be the big cahuna. The real test. This is no longer just us but the be all, end all for the whole nation. That means that everybody, NRA, all the manufacturers, sellers etc., everybody had better focus all of their resources and go for broke on this one. This one tests weather 2A means that the people must comprise an armed militia capable of responding to the emergence of a despotism as it was intended (by the prefatory clause), or that the “progressive” fraud has prevailed and 2A is satisfied by your ability to own a single shot gun that is licensed and registered with 20 registered rounds of ammo.

  4. Just one more quik comment. Kept hearing Judge Skretny was an “intellectual” but I do not understand how he keeps reffering to the “core right” in 2A being self defense when, in Heller, Justice Scalia clearly recites the importance of a link between the prefatory (well regulated militia) and operative clauses. Self defense is certainly a subset of “any lawful use”, but not the core. I would think this is a major issue / flaw in his deliberation?

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