On the filibuster rule change

Senate Democrats voted to curb use of the filibuster for judicial nominees.

Rosslyn Smith at the American Thinker writes that NRA could have a field day over this as every possible nominee could be used for determining incumbent candidate ratings.  On last nights Kelly File she theorized that if Republicans regain the majority next year they could expand on this rule change to push a straight repeal of Obamacare though.  Along those same lines they could also move the nationwide reciprocity bill through over the objections of Schumer and Co. as it had 58 votes last time it came up.

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3 thoughts on “On the filibuster rule change

  1. This is a Socialist take over, Tyranny at its best! Down State (NYS) Demons & white House should be placed on a one-way SHIP on course out of USA……

  2. This is truly a terrible development in light of the present litigation against the assault on 2A in the communist states winding through the courts. The last thing we need is an unfeterred ability of the dear leader to get his marxist frauds on to the bench. This is potentially the death of our case and of 2A in the US. Beyond that it is the death of all freedom. No recourse anywhere. This is an illustration of how despot regimes become increasingly dangerous as they feel threatened (i.e. the ACA / obamacare disaster). This woman is apparently a very sharp person. NRA must exploit her idea to the max. I am a bit of a male chauvanist but I am definetly impressed with Rosslyn. Very smart woman. She found at least one little box of .30 cal when I thought we were all out. That was, by the way, the uglyest scene in Private Ryan. Hard to look at. Anybody know what the ss guy was saying in German? I always wondered.

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