Drunken racist MAIG member’s arrest video

Here is video from Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins’ arrest last week.

He is still listed as a member of MAIG.

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10 thoughts on “Drunken racist MAIG member’s arrest video

  1. What an a-hole. Your typical anti-gun Libertard. Hey Bloomie, how much you gonna contribute to his campaign considering he thinks of you as a peckerwood cracker?

  2. Where can I start? First off, Administrator, this is the best thing you have ever put on this site. It is awsome. THIS GUY IS THE ARCHTYPE OF THE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT, SCUMBAG, ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT CRIMMINALS IN THE NYS LEGISLATURE THAT WANT TO DISARM US. In their heart of hearts, this guy is them, and they are him. THIS IS WHAT THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT PLACE HAS COME TO! Think about it, its not just him. Its a nation with a population of scumbag shit people that vote a guy like him into office. A majority! Can you guess why this guy does not want you to have a gun? I am beside myself. I do not know weather to laugh, cry or punch a hole in the wall. He is not alone. Did you hear about the homeland security guy who bought some billion rounds of ammo for homeland security? He also has a kill crackers web site. What is his plan? FUCK YOU CUOMO!! How much you wanna bet that Sussman, his mouthpiece, is not a brother. On the other hand, it was a pleasure to watch two absolute consumate proffesional police officers who are of exactly the same race – blue.

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