Bloomberg wins Virigina

Bloomberg-backed Terry McAuliffe won Virgina’s governorship yesterday in a close race.  Exit polls show poor turnout by gun owners despite NRA throwing $500K into the race.

No doubt Bloomberg will gloat and McAuliffe will make noise for the next four years, although I suspect in the end the two will accomplish very little in the state other than to embarrass NRA at every opportunity.  I have no sympathy for them.  NRA has never put money like that into states like New York which have serious problems.  They couldn’t even be bothered to complete the candidate ratings last year.

8 thoughts on “Bloomberg wins Virigina

  1. There were lots of troubles there. First and most important is the demographics shift, and the influx of govt workers in the north of the state. Next is the establishment RINO repubs that had it in for Cuccinelli. Some actually endorsed the scumbag communist. Ken is a man of integrity that would not play croney politics with them. And finally, the communists sabotaged the race with a third party spoiler, the libertarian, that they actually were funding. He was a total fraud I hear. In the grand scheme of things, we are in deep shit. The communists are marching on, and we are glad if we can hang on. By the way, I do not celebrate the fat fuck in NJ. He is no friend of ours. Ken still did great with less than a 2 point margin. The repubs SUCK! We must hope that the communists will end up commiting suicide with things like the ACA.

  2. The NRA is too busy spending money on themselves while patting their own backs. I’m a member, but I think they could do a much better job forming public opinion considering the amount of money they have. To me, based on what I hear out of them, they’re primarily concerned with scaring up money… not necessarily using it to defend us and promote us.

  3. As for NY, the NRA needs to spend big money here. The outcome of the SAFE act will set precedent. If we lose it is bad for gun owners in every state, not just NY.

  4. I’ve got the NRA hammering me with ads and solicitations constantly, but absolutely no news on the SAFE act lawsuit.

    I’m not renewing until they start telling me what exactly they’re doing, and what progress is being made if any. I don’t need 17 NRA credit cards, life insurance, etc. I need to know about the SAFE act lawsuit.

  5. That info is on the R&P website. It’s mostly been the lawyers exchanging paperwork. A few weeks ago the state made a motion for summary judgement.

  6. Gentlemen please, this is no time for us to start “taking shots” at each other. NRA did the best they could to prevent Virginia from becomming NY, and unfortunately, we lost the battle. NRA are the good guys. We are the good guys. We must stand shoulder to shoulder otherwise, we will go the route of the republicans, tear ourselves apart and end up a cluster fuck inside a smoking hole in the ground. If not for NRA, not one American would have a single legal round of ammo as of 40 years ago.

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