Saratoga dog-and-pony show with Giffords

Eric Schneiderman will host a dog-and-pony show with Gabrielle Giffords at the Saratoga gun show this Sunday.  The show promoter has apparently decided to be the AGs willing accomplice in this farce:

“… “Gabby is going to come with her husband to look over our show and see what a model gun show is like in New York State and the attorney general is going to have them as guest and we are going to wonder around and show her what our operation is,” says [David] Petronis … “New York is very strict on gun shows, California may have something similar, but nothing is like what New York has,” Petronis says … “I guess we run a pretty good show. I am glad that we have the opportunity to have her here, I am proud of it to be honest with you it’s a good feeling to have someone come to what you have developed and to have them think you are a model for maybe the rest of the country,” he says …”

That is exactly what Schneiderman wants him to be, the model for ending all private transfers nationwide.  Petronis would do well to remember what happened to Smith & Wesson and more recently the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show when they tried sucking up to antigun interests.

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3 thoughts on “Saratoga dog-and-pony show with Giffords

  1. They rape our Second Amendment rights with the SAFE Act, and then have the gall to show up at a gun show to gloat. Conventional wisdom has it that the price of being foolish enough to gloat is usually a substantial one.

  2. I’m with Em. This is the closest gun show to where I live, and I’ve attended it many times in the past. No more. Every time I’ve been there in the Fall, it’s been packed, and very hard to walk the aisles without bumping into people. On the news, it looked like it wasn’t very well attended.

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