One bright spot

Joe Lhota brought up the gun issue:

“Addressing a group of Tea Party members on Staten Island, Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota called for a streamlining of the city’s gun permit system, saying it should be “fair and speedy.”  “The city of New York, though, goes to an extreme with their, bureaucracy is not even strong enough of a word. It’s almost a level of harassment at a certain point and it needs to change,” Lhota says at the April 25 meeting on Staten Island. “There’s something that should be fair and speedy about being able to get a gun permit.” …”

Bill de Blasio was astounded by this:

“… “I was astounded to hear Mr. Lhota talk about how we can make gun access easier. I found that entirely out of step with the views of the people of New York City. We’re having a searing debate over gun control right now, particularly in the wake of the Newtown tragedy,” de Blasio told reporters, saying he agrees with Mayor Bloomberg on many weapons-regs issues …”

With a more than 3-1 lead in the polls, de Blasio is going to squash Lhota like a bug.  There is a small silver lining to this:

“Bill de Blasio … said Thursday that one of the first things he’d do as mayor is fire Taxi & Limousine Commissioner David Yassky …”

Yassky wrote the Brady Law.  He ended up at the TLC after his humiliating loss back in ’09.  With less than a month to go befote the election, we’ll soon find out if de Blasio will keep his word.

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