Accountability killed gun control

What stopped gun control in the Senate?

“… Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia says there would have been 70 votes for the plan to expand background checks for gun buyers.  But the NRA said it would include the gun vote on report cards that show whether candidates support gun rights …”

In other words, if Senators would not be held accountable, it would have past.  As I told the WNYC reporter this morning:

“… Claims that the NRA bought the failed gun control vote with campaign contributions is absurd, according to Jacob Rieper, the vice president of legislative and political affairs with the New York Pistol and Rifle Association, New York’s NRA affiliate.  “Voters value NRA endorsements,” he said.  “The NRA represents literally millions of people around the country and that’s why they win.  People like their endorsements.” …”

Apparently Mayor Bloomberg’s threat that Senators would “face the consequences of their actions in the next elections” doesn’t have a similar value.

5 thoughts on “Accountability killed gun control

  1. Every time the libs achieve a legislative victory we are told “it was the will of the people” but every time the right chalks one up in the win column the media and the White house wants the public to think that it is the “evil” lobbying interests that have derailed democracy.

  2. Bloomberg’s threat is real. They may have held on to their NRA grades for another round but they lost any chance of getting a Big Gulp at a New York 7/11.

  3. Do you really think so? Lets see NRA’s ranking:

    reid – NRA rating B anti-gun supporter
    toomey – NRA rating A anti-gun supporter
    manchin – NRA rating A anti-gun supporter

    Doesn’t appear to me that they are influenced by the NRA very much.

    Matter of fact I’m starting to wonder which side the NRA is on.

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