Ask a stupid question

Did a brief interview for WNYC today on the Governor’s new idea to let people buy 10 round mags., but only load 7 cartridges in them:

“… some wonder how the state can enforce the proposed change and ensure gun owners with 10-round magazines only have seven bullets loaded.  “How would you do that? Are you going to go around to everyone who you think owns a gun and ask can I see your magazine to see do you have the proper number of rounds in it?” said Jacob Rieper, the vice president of legislative and political affairs for the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association …”

Have not gotten answer to this question.  Don’t expect one either.

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2 thoughts on “Ask a stupid question

  1. In other news…Mayor Doomberg has allowed Big Gulps to once again be sold in NYC but consumers can’t fill them to the top.

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