Biden urges Democrats to commit suicide

Joe Biden urges Congressional Democrats to take up gun control:

“U.S. Vice President Joe Biden urged fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives on Wednesday to comply with public demands for action to reduce gun violence … “I don’t want to hear about ‘well we can’t take it on because it’s too politically dangerous,'” Biden told House Democrats at the opening of a three-day retreat. “There’s an overwhelming consensus about the need to act.” …”

First off, the public is not demanding any sort of action in support of more gun control.

Second, look how well things have gone for Gov. Cuomo after jumping on the bandwagon:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s approval rating has fallen sharply among New York voters since he pushed restrictive gun laws through the Legislature, a poll released on Wednesday said. Fifty-nine percent said they approved of Mr. Cuomo’s job performance, down 15 percentage points from his 74 percent approval rating last month, the Quinnipiac University poll found …”

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