Technology will make the antis obsolete

Over the last couple of years, there has been an effort made to produce guns/gun parts using 3-D printing technology.  While the tech isn’t quite there yet, early results look promising.

Of course, the antis do not like this.  Rep. Steve Isreal announced his intention to introduce legislation to prohibit “printed” guns.  No doubt this will be as effective as government efforts to wipe out spam, file sharing and software piracy.

The Register (UK) offers a roundup of relatively affordable 3-D printers available now to get an idea of the current state of technology.  ExtremeTech shows where 3-D manufacturing is going with metal printing.  As with all technology, it will become better, faster and cheaper.  When it become possible to print a pistol at home with the same effort it does to print on paper, the antis will be obsolete.