Lawsuit coming …

NYSRPA and NRA will be filing a lawsuit over the Cuomo gun law.  Details will be available soon.  In the meantime we need more members and supporters to help pay for the suit.

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13 thoughts on “Lawsuit coming …

  1. I hope you’ll have a spot on the NYSRPA site ASAP dedicated to contributions for this lawsuit. Thanks, BOC

  2. I’m with BOC. I bet more donations would come in if it were more obvious how to do it. I’d but a big bold button at the top with some copy about the lawsuit.

    BTW: Their site also renders funky in firefox. the right 1/4 is off screen.

  3. Read the statement at the NRA site that mentions the possibility of a lawsuit and was not comforted by it. It seems wishy-washy at best. I’ve seen others forming a class action suit here in NY. Obviously there are the petitions. What out of this stands a chance and what is a waste of time? … and why?

  4. There’s no NRA lawsuit. This was leaked out to stop massive emails and calls to NRA/NYSRPA. If you recall, the injunction was set for Tuesday / Wednesday the latest per NYSRPA/NRA. They since removed that from the website.

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