The end of the gun control movement

The gun control movement is dying.  It has been for quite some time.  While it will never entirely go away, it has been steadily sliding towards irrelevance.  The horrific murders in Connecticut will not change that.

The usual suspects have come forth, spewing the same hate they always do.  Rep. Jerry Nadler, displaying all the dignity and class New Yorkers have come to expect from him, called for President Obama to “exploit” this atrocity for political gain.  It will not work.

Dinosaur media outlets will try and blame “the gun lobby” for lack of movement on the antis agenda, asserting they either pay off and/or intimidate politicians into silence on the issue.  Those delusions may provide a degree of comfort for those in places such as the New York Times editorial boardroom, but hiding from the truth will not make it go away.

And that truth is this:  Our county has had a debate on guns and the gun control side lost that debate big-time.  Guns sales are up across the county and black rifles are the most popular sellers.  More and more people are carrying concealed firearms for personal protection.  Mainstream television programs from Top Shot and American Guns to Pawn Stars and MythBusters feature firearms.  When you can go out and buy ammo just for shooting zombies, you know that our side has won the culture war on guns.

The antis and their media allies will continue their shrieking and teeth-gnashing, further embarrassing themselves and accelerating the movements political demise.  The sooner that happens the better.

2 Responses to “The end of the gun control movement”

  1. Chas Says:

    Nadler is a jerk. We need an AWB? The killer used ordinary handguns. A ban on larger magazines? Smaller magazines can be instantly replaced. Nadler called for microstamping afterwards – what would microstamping have to do with a man murdering his mother, stealing her guns, killing other people and then killing himself? How would the BS that is microstamping have accomplished anything in this situation? What a jerk!
    Nadler can only drone the same old mantras of the gun control-as-religion crowd, which are based on what they think they can practically get away with forcing on us, not anything that would actually be helpful.
    What would have been hugely helpful in Connecticut would have been accurate return fire, but to understand that requires thinking, which is something that Jerrold Nadler and his fellow true believers, his commie compadres, his leftista allies, cannot imagine.
    Return fire was prohibited by law. That is what needs to change. We need our Second Amendment back, not Nadler’s grab bag of useless, feel good BS.

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