More people buying and carrying

Black Friday gun sales were so strong that NICS crashed.  Here is more evidence that more and more people are buying and carrying guns:


3 Responses to “More people buying and carrying”

  1. Chas Says:

    NICS should be canned. Anyone who wants a gun and isn’t locked up can get one. That reality should be acknowledged, and not sugarcoated with the pretense that NICS prevents a criminal from getting a gun. It doesn’t, and I’m tired of living in an America that’s living a lie. We’re better than that.

  2. Chas Says:

    “Florida nears 1 million permits for concealed weapons”

    By the antis’ reasoning, everyone in Florida should now be dead. Funny how Florida has no depopulation problem. If guns were as dangerous as the anti’s make them out to be, the world’s overpopulation problem would be solved. Yeah, right. And my upstate NY back yard is going to get warm enough for a swimming pool, due to AGW. I might move to Virginia, but I’m not going to die of old age waiting for global warming to make a swimming pool practical in frozen, old New York State. I think the mastodons will make a comeback before then.
    Concealed carry has a robust history, with no state having passed it going back to a ban on concealed carry. CCW works, and any politician who refuses to embrace it will find him or her self on the losing side of the issue. Unfortunately, we have a number of such dinosaurs in NYS.

  3. SayUncle » Been saying that for a few years Says:

    […] And more people are buying guns and carrying. […]

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