Upset with Boehner

The right is upset with House Speaker John Boehner for telling the truth:

“… “Have you ever met anybody who read the party platform?” Boehner said at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. “I’ve not met ever anybody … It ought to be on one sheet of paper … That way Americans could actually read it …” …”

And he’s right.  It’s 62 pages long.  Other than party groupies who is going to take time to read it?  Certainly not the voters.  There is a reason political ads are short and to the point.

“… Every four years, grassroots activists from around the country who have won seats as delegates at the Republican National Convention develop the party’s national platform … Some activists work for months just to win the right to attend the convention so they have a chance at influencing a platform that officially defines the principles and policy positions for which the party stands …”

That’s great.  The problem here is, like the Libertarian Party’s platform, is that there is no way to enforce it.  There is no litmus test or oath of loyalty required to join a political party and there is no mechanism to punish candidates and officeholders who do not follow the party platform.  NRA reps. can go on and on about the pro-gun parts of the platform, but it is nothing more than the GOP pandering for the gun vote.